TNB: Power Will Not Be Restored Immediately

The flooding has caused massive disruption to lives in states that have endured the worst rainfall in decades, Selangor which suffered unmentionably the severest of devastation is still facing many issues with regards to water levels still being above safety limits despite 3 days of sunshine, and logistics problems due to stagnant waters.

Adding to the woes the 333 electrical substations which were shut by Tenaga Nasional for safety reasons will not be immediately switched back on as the utility company will need to assess the stations for various technical matters. In a statement on its social media site, TNB added that power will take some time to recover despite flood receding in most areas

As a safety precaution, it needs to make sure every electrical installation is cleaned, tested, and verified to be completely safe before activating any of them. However, it will also so need to conduct a thorough check for damaged cables, electrical poles that have collapsed or drifted which will all need time to repair and fix. This unexpected calamity will attribute to the time needed for the operation team to rectify.

The public is advised to be patient as TNB is acting fast to solve the issues with safety being the priority, as for areas that are not affected by the flood but have not received electricity yet the power company has assured that supplies will be channeled to the users once the situation is examined to safe and power will be restored gradualy.

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