Pertama Digital Eyes Potential Investment In iFIBER

Pertama Digital Bhd has announced that it is in advanced investment and collaboration negotiations with iFIBER Holdings Sdn Bhd which was formalised in a memorandum of understanding dated today. Through this partnership, Pertama Digital and iFIBER seek to deliver gigabit-speed internet connectivity to more of the Rakyat at affordable rates.

iFIBER is a licensed Malaysian telecommunications company that creates an open-access network that enables users to instantly switch between multiple internet service providers. The company builds last-mile internet infrastructure to provide affordable yet super-fast fibre broadband to premises in Malaysia. Since its launch, iFIBER has connected thousands of homes and businesses to gigabit-speed fibre broadband in Kota Kinabalu and plans to expand to Klang Valley and Johor Bahru.

Saify Akhtar, Pertama Digital’s Director of Strategy, said, “Southeast Asia’s recent flight to digital has resulted in an overwhelming demand for high bandwidth internet services. Think of the simultaneous calls, videos and cloud apps we have grown accustomed to using in the last two years. 1,000 Mbps or gigabit connections will soon become a necessity for every household to participate in tomorrow’s digital economy. This is important to Pertama Digital as we seek to promote equal access and participation in these productive opportunities by a wider section of the Rakyat, regardless of their geographical location and socioeconomic status.

This strategy is aligned with national goals set out by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission within its Jalinan Digital Negara Plan 2020 to 2022. JENDELA was formulated in response to the nation’s desire to improve broadband quality and coverage, reduce broadband prices and provide internet access across all spectrums of society.”

Puan Wan Mohalina Wan Mohammad, Executive Chairman of iFIBER Holdings, says, “In order to deliver an internet infrastructure capable of supporting Malaysia’s digitalisation plans, iFIBER has introduced an open-access network business model that prioritizes the interests of end users. Through our service, subscribers can select from the widest range of internet service providers (ISPs) on flexible terms. Our customers can even choose to upgrade their connection speeds instantaneously depending on their specific needs. By empowering the Rakyat, iFIBER will create a new broadband marketplace that increases competitiveness and service levels at the same time.”

In Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, iFIBER has successfully connected 12,000 apartments. JENDELA has set a target of 117,552 ports in Kota Kinabalu, of which only 46,610 were served with a minimum speed of 500Mbps.

Sabri Rahman, Pertama Digital’s Executive Director, said, “In addition to state capitals, MCMC has listed selected industrial and high impact areas of priority, including suburban and rural areas. JENDELA is not just important to end-users, but will also form an important piece of Malaysia’s future telecommunications infrastructure as a robust fibre backbone is needed to support nationwide 5G coverage. Our upcoming investment in iFIBER is an example of how Pertama Digital is playing an important role in the support of our post-pandemic national agenda.”

Listed on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad, Pertama Digital backs game-changing initiatives that promise impactful, inclusive solutions for Malaysians. The Group operates the government SMS portal mySMS, mobile payments app MyPay as well as eJamin, the world’s first smartphone court bail payment solution, now live in courts all over Malaysia. Recently, Pertama Digital announced a collaboration with CGS-CIMB to develop and bring to market digital financial services that empower investors in post-pandemic Malaysia.

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