BAT’s Vuse Wins SEAL Sustainable Product Award

BAT’s Vuse has won the Sustainable Product Award in the 2021 SEAL Business Sustainability Awards for its carbon-neutral vaping that consolidates BAT’s sustainability program.

The award from SEAL Awards, an environmental advocacy organization recognises innovative and impactful products that are ‘purpose-built for a sustainable future.’

Kingsley Wheaton, BAT’s Chief Marketing Officer says BAT is creating the brands of the future with sustainability at their core.

“In 2021, Vuse was certified as the first global carbon-neutral vape brand. This is part of Vuse’s broader sustainability programme, which aims to eliminate single-use plastics and have all packaging recyclable by 2025.”

BAT says it is focussing on the disposal and recyclability of Vuse products through innovative design and life cycle schemes, including device take-back schemes for used e-cigarettes to reduce waste sent to landfill, making packs with recyclable cardboard and removing ePen plastic tray packaging, ensure the ePod starter kits and pod packs are plastic film free and removing silicone caps from ePen pods.

Vuse was independently certified as the first global carbon-neutral vape brand by Vertis in May 2021, marking a significant step in BAT’s ambition for Vuse to become an environmentally sustainable vape brand. It also contributes to the delivery of BAT’s Group-wide ambition to be a carbon-neutral business by 2030 and carbon neutral across its value chain by 2050.

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