KDEB Expects Taman Sri Muda Debris Cleared In A Week

KDEB Waste Management Sdn Bhd, a wholly-owned company of the Selangor government, expects to solve the post-flood bulk waste problem in Taman Sri Muda, Section 25, here, within a week.

General Manager of Corporate Services Ahmad Rizal Mohd Daud said in this regard, residents are expected to be patient and work together as they launch a garbage collection operation in collaboration with the Ministry of Housing and Local Government and Bumi Segar Indah Sdn Bhd.

“We will make sure that every area we enter, we will clear the area one by one and hope the residents are patient.” According to him, the company had collected 400 tonnes of garbage and 800 tonnes in the two days they were operating in the place. All debris collected will be transferred from the Solid Waste Transfer Station to the Jeram Sanitary Landfill, Kuala Selangor within a week.

The Solid Waste Transfer Station was a temporary garbage collection point staffed by 300 including lorry drivers, garbage handlers, and traffic controllers. The state-owned waste management company has 500 roro barrels, 110 lorries including two 44 -tonne lorries and eight 10 -tonne lorries and will add five 44 -tonne lorries in the near future to bring rubbish to Jeram. These vehicles are being used to manage the daily waste collection in the state’s residential homes at the same time.

Managing both crisis without disrupting the daily collection schedule from all the homes can be a monumental task, but KDEB is fulfilling its obligation and getting the job done.

“Cooperation from all parties is very important in order to speed up the collection of garbage from flood-affected areas so that lorries can make more frequent collection rounds,” he concluded.

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