TNB Allocates Additional RM4 Million For Comunity Flood Relief Efforts

TNB will be providing RM4 million in flood relief with each
 RM2 million channeled to the Malaysian Family Foundation and 
 another RM2million will be directly through
 its internal charitable fund.

Chairman, Dato 'Sri Hasan Arifin said, the fund was established for its workers to contribute and help those who are severly impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, however this has been continued to assist those now affected by the flood. He said the RM2 million was amatching grant to the fund being contributed by the utility company. “This RM4 million allocation is in addition to about RM40 million in the 
emergency allocation
 provided by TNB for rehabilitation works, especially asset and infrastructure 
 electricity supply in the eight flood -hit states, "he added. 

This is the second time TNB has provided matching 
grants for the fund with the first time of RM1.64 million, thus collecting more than 
RM3.4 million
 since last month and distributed to over 6,000 recipients across the Peninsula. 
For the COVID-19 assistance, more than 14,700 TNB employees have made 
contributions through
 salary deductions, the method is augmented by way of direct 
contributions to the funds account.

As for restoration efforts, the power supplier has stated that more 
than 78%
 namely 1,665 of 2,109 electricity supply assets affected and 
suspended since the floods
 hit, has been recovered including full restoration in Kelantan, Terengganu, Melaka and Perak.

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