TNB To Waive 1 Month Electricity Bill For 72,000 Disaster Victims

Tenaga Nasional Berhad had volunteered to waive the December electricity bill for occupants of houses impacted during the flood.

States like Pahang, Selangor, Kelantan, and Negeri Sembilan were among the worst hit, displacing many Malaysians from their homes to relief centers for weeks. The announcement comes as Prime Minister Ismail Sabri went on ground to check on the recovery efforts by the government machinery and at the same time listen to the plight of the disaster victims.

A total of 72,000 consumers will benefit from the gesture but was called short for only residential and not for commercial buildings.

The Prime Minister has also called on TNB to assist those in the B40 category in resuming the power supply soonest and look at providing electrical checks and maintenance to avoid other calamities.

Ismail Sabri Government has been under pressure for the lack of urgency given in managing the disaster with many of the people affected in the floods claiming the resources were not used properly to assist the victims. Opposition MP’s and even UMNO has stated that the Malaysians will never forget how the government handled the whole situation.

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