Raise Local Awareness In Supporting Local Fashion Industry: MBDA

Malaysia Bumiputra Designer Association (MBDA) Founder and Co-Founder Bon Zainal and Rasta Rashid, talked about how My Gaya Month is helping to raise local awareness about the importance of supporting the local fashion industry.

MY Gaya Month is an initiative that highlights the various visions and creativity of Malaysian fashion designers, as well as provides the general public with an insight into the local fashion industry’s beauty.

“Through My Gaya Month, we wanted to spread and tell to the public and encourage them to be part in to support local products, as our nation has the variety to offer from Batik, furniture, accessories and more, but to do that we need supply and demand from the public.

“We want to create an ecosystem, to correct the ecosystem it’s not easy, of course, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the other will be is to change the mindset of the public.

“It is not just about their products, it also includes the service. The communication that had always been lacking today, between designer to the public, even designer into industry player. It’s not understanding, all of it needs to align together, if not, we’re only will be in the circles,” Bon says.

MY Gaya Month concluded on Nov 19.

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