Solution Group Receives DCA Approval For CanSino Vaccine As Booster Shot

A dose of the vaccine Photographer: Mario Tama/Getty Images

Solution Group Berhad and its wholly-owned subsidiary, Solution Biologics the manufacturing partner of CanSino Biologics Inc have received DCA (Malaysian Drug Control Authority) conditional approval for CanSino’s single-dose Convidecia vaccine as a booster shot under the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency.

The DCA, in an announcement, had consented for Convidecia, an adenovirus type5 vector-based vaccine, to be used as a booster shot. The approval allows the CanSino vaccine to be used on adults aged 18 and above, three to six months after they have received their first dose of the vaccine

Dato’ Dr. Mohd Nazlee Bin Kamal, Deputy Group Managing Director of SGB, said “ The COVID-19 cases remain high in the nation due to the Omicron variant of the virus, and just as with the reopening of the economy, there is a need to quicken the vaccine booster programme especially to difficult-to-reach areas and states with low booster dose rates.”

According to him, studies show that Convidecia’s single-dose vaccine is effective as a booster shot against the spread
of COVID-19 variants, demonstrating an increase of at least eight times higher neutralizing antibody levels,
six months after receiving the first dose. Solution Group hopes with the approval it can assist in increasing the number of booster doses administered.

“We are also working towards obtaining approval from NPRA for the vaccine to be used as a booster for other primary vaccine recipients such as CoronoVac. Studies in China have shown taking CanSino’s Convidecia after two doses of inactivated Covid-19 vaccines has significant safety and efficacy advantages. The results demonstrated that antibody levels from a Convidecia booster shot is 8.4 times higher in IgG antibody and 5.9 times higher in neutralising antibody in comparison with a booster shot from an inactivated vaccine

The group added that apart from the Malaysian market, it is also in an advanced stage of negotiations with some of its neighbouring countries for the supply of single-dose Convidecia vaccine.

SolBio has completed the delivery of 3.5 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine to the Ministry of Health in December 2021 and is also expecting local production to start soon, as the fill-and-finish facility is undergoing the Good Manufacturing Practice audit conducted by the NPRA with the certification expected to be issued by February 2022.

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