Luxury Escape With The Ritz Carlton Langkawi

As a holiday destination, The Ritz Carlton Langkawi stands out as the quintessence of leisure and luxury.

The edgy yet elegant design and architecture when themed with the island’s natural surroundings – set as we are within a lush vintage rainforest juxtaposed effortlessly against the brilliant blue of the sea – is irresistible for affluent travelers.

Looking to savour a stylish island barefoot living, guests will be enthralled at the get-go.

The resort is, after all, situated in the green enclave of Langkawi Geopark which has been recognised as a UNESCO Global Geopark, conjuring all at once a splendorous vision of nature’s bounties.

There is an Eco-Discovery Centre set up to educate visitors on the island’s native plants, animals, and sea creatures for those who seek to satisfy their curiosity.

More importantly, visitors could also see how steps are taken to protect nature’s gifts in the name of sustainability.

With many wonders to share, The Ritz Carlton Langkawi strives to highlight the enticements of the island in various ways.

If the call of the sea is strong, guests could head to the shoreline where the beaches, coral reefs, estuaries, and caves are just breathtaking.

Through the resort’s curated programmes, they can also choose to experience Langkawi’s other natural attractions with visits to the latest biogeographical mangrove spots like the Kubang Badak BioGeo Trail, where kayaking through the swamps is quite a thrill.

They can also opt to just soak in the sun on the white sands or from the sundeck in the intimacy of their spacious rooms. After sunset, let the soul be soothed by the evening’s serenity.

For a more dedicated pampering, The Ritz Carlton Langkawi’s outdoor spa Teratak Mahsuri, designed to resemble Malay bubus (fish trap), connects you with nature.

Facing the Andaman Sea, the pavilions offer heavenly native spa treatments by way of signature head and shoulder massages, full body massages and foot reflexology.

Here, visitors can also find the island’s trademark indigenous gamat oil and ointment, made from sea cucumber which produces nourishing healing benefits.

The Ritz Carlton Langkawi pays tribute to the many myths and mysticisms of the land of Mahsuri (as the island is also known) through a number of exciting curated expeditions.

Visits that beckon include hikes to scenic sites like Langkawi’s largest freshwater lake, Tasik Dayang Bunting (Lake of the Pregnant Maiden), The Seven Wells Waterfall said to be inhabited by fairies, the Burnt Rice site, Mount Mat Cincang, Gua Langsir (Cave of the Banshee) and Gua Cerita (Cave of Legends) located on the shores facing the southern coast of Siam.

Visitors will indeed be assured of a stay that is also sumptuous as the cuisines at our many outlets are crafted with great care to tease the palate.

With luxurious rooms that have stunning, uninterrupted views of the forest, sea, or both, visitors will find that a stay at The Ritz Carlton Langkawi is bewitchingly memorable and enriching in more ways than one.

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