YES First To Roll Out 5G Service For Consumers, Offers Free Sim

5G might not be in every corner of the country or city yet, but there are pockets in Klang Valley that consumers can experience the super speeds if they have the right device and a proper plan. To get early adopters a chance to enjoy 5g speeds, Tan Sri Francis Yeoh’s YTL Communications which owns YES Mobile is offering a free YES FT5G Prepaid Discover SIM Pack to customers with compatible phones.

The First To Discover 5G campaign which has started and lasts till 14 February is a way the telco is getting Malaysians to embark on the 5G journey. Offering 200 sims for free, the group aims to be the first to roll out 5G service to consumers.

“There are more than 2 million 5G compatible phones in use in Malaysia today. To celebrate the arrival of 5G in the country and enable the owners of these 5G phones to enjoy the new service,  we are proud to introduce the #FirstToDiscover5G campaign. This will ensure that more Malaysians have access to 5G with our free FT5G Prepaid Discover SIM Pack. This is the first in a series of campaigns we are developing to encourage widespread 5G adoption in Malaysia.”

“We have already experienced the far-reaching benefits of 5G and how it positively impacts how Malaysians live, work and play. YES remains committed to spearhead a more connected future for Malaysians and enable easier access for everyone to experience the power of 5G to unlock a world of endless possibilities,” said YTL Communications Chief Executive Officer Wing K. Lee.

Digital National Berhad is the spectrum owner for 5G in Malaysia, to date Telekom Malaysia and YES are the first two riding on the network and have started testing the services in a closed environment. Use case scenario for the next evolution in telecommunication is immense with the application predicted to change person to person communication, machine to machine, and industries.

Current 5G coverage areas include Putrajaya, Cyberjaya, and parts of Kuala Lumpur City Centre, with plans to rapidly expand to all major cities by the end-2022.

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