Electrolux Introduces New Environmental-Friendly Product Range

Every year, many items of clothing are discarded prematurely due to faded colours, shrinkage and misshaping as a result of frequent washing. These discarded clothes are likely to end up in landfills, where they pile up to produce toxic greenhouse gasses that are emitted into the atmosphere. 

As a global leader in home appliances, Electrolux is uniquely equipped to drive the conversation around making clothes last longer as a way toward becoming more sustainable and for better living. 

Taking care of clothes to extend their life-span keeps the love and cherished memories of our favourite items, while drastically reducing their carbon footprint. In 2020 Electrolux introduced its “Make It Last” campaign to be part of the solution in encouraging people to make clothes last twice as long with half the environmental impact, for a more sustainable and better living.

“Amidst the pandemic and climate change, consumers have been spending more time at home, and hence making an effort to make their lives more comfortable at home. In response to helping change consumer behaviors, our ‘Make it Last’ campaign that was launched in 2020, embodies our promise to make clothes last twice as long with half of the environmental impacts. We offer a new range of Electrolux UltimateCare™ washing machines and dryers that were developed through our innovation power to always improve on consumer experiences.” says Vincent Lee, General Manager, Electrolux Malaysia & Singapore.

Electrolux has recently conducted a research study with some 4,000 participants across Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and South Korea about the interconnection between laundry and the environment. The results of the study showed that 88% of the participants were climate conscious, and in which 90% believed that making clothes last longer was a step towards helping protect the environment. 

“In Malaysia, consumers have different ways of taking care of their clothes to prolong its lifespan and save energy at the same time. Electrolux further contributes to more sustainable laundry practices by incorporating innovative solutions that increase laundry efficiency and improve garment care. As a progressive, human-centric home life brand, Electrolux is committed to helping consumers make desirable life experiences more sustainable, so our campaign highlights the care Electrolux has for our consumers, for their favourite clothes, the memories, and for the environment.” Vincent concluded. 

The new Electrolux UtimateCare™ Gen II range offers advanced innovation and technology making the laundry experience enjoyable, efficient and caring for garments & fabrics:

  • AutoDose – reduces wear and tear by measuring the load to precisely dose detergent and softener*1
  • SensorWash™- automatically detects dirt and soil levels and adjusts the cycle duration accordingly to effortlessly remove 49 different visible stains*2
  • UltraMix™ System- thoroughly dissolves detergent, so no visible residue remains on your clothes*3
  • HygienicCare – finishes the wash cycle with a soft spray of vapour to remove up to 99.9% of allergens and germs*4
  • Electrolux Life app – provides expert guidance for cleaning and caring for 37 different fabrics.
  • VapourRefresh – gentle vapour refreshes clothes and reduces wrinkles in 15 minutes*6

The Electrolux UltimateCare Gen II washer and dryer prices and model details are as stated below: 

UltimateCare™ Washer Price: 

Model No : EWF7524D3WBEWF8024D3WBEWF8024P5WBEWF9024D3WBEWF9024P5WB 
RRP Price MYR 2,169.00MYR 2,229.00MYR 3,009.00MYR 3,089.00MYR 3,399.00
Model No: EWF9042Q7WB EWF1024P5WBEWF1042Q7WBEWF1142Q7WB EWF1141R9WB
RRP Price MYR 3,669.00MYR 3,759.00MYR 4,039.00MYR 4,619.00MYR 5,459.00

UltimateCare™ Washer Dryer Price:

Model No : EWW8024D3WB EWW9024P5WBEWW1042Q7WBEWW1141Q7WBEWW1142R7MB
RRP Price MYR 3,709.00MYR 4,359.00MYR 5,199.00MYR 5,589.00MYR 5,779.00

*For additional information on all the Washer and Washer Dryers stated above, please refer to the attached product information sheet. 

All Electrolux washer and washer dryers come with 2 years of General Warranty and 10 years warranty for front-load washer motors to give consumers peace of mind.

For more information on Electrolux’s wide range of leading-edge products and technology, please check out Electrolux stores nationwide, or visit their website [www.electrolux.com.my].

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