Air Cargo Revenue Expected to Rise by 13% in 2022

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) estimates demand in 2022 to exceed 2019 levels by 13%.

Against the backdrop of the headwinds faced by the global economic growth, Raya Airways, however, is venturing into new markets and making new inroads in existing ones to be key drivers of its future growth in line with the rapidly evolving customer requirements and growth prospects for the air cargo industry. The company has increased the average weekly load to its latest destination of Nanning, China to 120 tonnes, a three-fold growth compared to when it started plying this route in June 2021, giving it a huge competitive edge, especially in the ecommerce sector.

The carrier provides air freight solutions for businesses in Southeast Asia including transportation of cargo by air, aircraft charter services, ground handling maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO), and aircraft commercial cargo space selling.

Currently, Raya has an average weekly combined load and capacity for all flights plus all destinations of between 1,700 and 1,900 tonnes, made possible with its three Boeing 767-200F and one Boeing 737-400F. Specifically, on the Nanning route, Raya serves this route thrice a week utilising its Boeing 767-200F aircraft’ This route carries all shipments that include e-commerce products, industrial goods as well as perishable items. in a nutshell, this paints a rather rosy and promising future in the air cargo transportation industry.

“We are extremely rigorous in our selection of routes to ensure hyper connectivity for our customers and multiplicative growth potential for Raya. In the months ahead, we will be announcing exciting destinations across Asia-Pacific, including within China and other countries. Wherever there are business hubs with robust future prospects, we aim to be there,” Raya’s Chief Commercial Officer, Muhamad Hidayat Rahim said

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