Green Packet Group CEO CC Puan Steps Down

In a Bursa filing, Green Packet has announced that its Group Chief executive Officer Puan Chan Cheong or better known as CC Puan is stepping down, citing personal reasons.

The visionary entrepreneur was the founding individual behind treen Packet in 2000 and led the Company to become an international player in the provision of connectivity devices and solutions to telecommunications companies globally. He subsequently led the Company to its Main Market listing in 2005.

He was also behind the telecommunication company P1 which was later renamed to Webe and subsequently sold to TM. CC Puan then relinquished as the Group CEO in 2014 and pursued other ventures.

53-year-old CC Puan, is also a Non-Independent Non-Executive Director of G3 Global Berhad where he plays an active advisory role in shaping the Groups digital agenda specifically in the areas of Internet-of-Things and Artificial Intelligence.

His departure will be missed for the group which is embarking on an interesting journey in the field of AI, Data and 5G.

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