Ministry Cracks Egg Shortage Case, Assures Supply Back To Normal Soon

The Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs has identified the problem leading to the shortage of chicken eggs in the market and has assured the nation that the issue will be resolved soon.

Deputy Minister Datuk Rosol Wahid said the ministry was currently monitoring, inspecting, and collecting data from 50 companies, representing 80 percent of egg suppliers in the country, to ensure the supply of chicken eggs in the market.

This comes after Prime Minister has his cabinet members were scrambling to resolve the predicament of rising poultry prices and at the same shortage in both staple consumer goods. An emergency meeting was held to discuss the worrying trend of the price increase which has been the bane of Prime Minister Ismail Sabri since inflation levels in the country started going up.

Based on the investigation by the Domestic Affairs Ministry, the increase in the purchase rate of chicken eggs before, during, and after the Chinese New Year, apart from chicken farms and delivery companies not operating during the festive holidays contributed to the disruption in the supply of chicken eggs in the market. Malaysians have been consuming a staggering amount of chicken eggs it seems, based on the data derived we eat an average of 30 million eggs are a day, which equals one per person!

Additionally, on the matter of chicken shortage, expect a shortage of 3 million for February, as the country needs two million chickens a day which equals 60 million chickens a month, but the supply in February is only 57 million. However, the Deputy Minister assures that too will be resolved by the end of this month with the expected increase in chicken production post-Chinese New Year holiday.

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