States Favourite Family Destination Selangor Fruit Valley Enjoys Upbeat Ticket Sales

While some of the tourist spots in the country have been receiving mellow visits, the Selangor Fruit Valley which has become a state attraction with its variety of fruits and animals has managed to make a profit every month since tourism activities reopened in mid -October last year.

According to Marketing Manager Nor Rashidah Mohamed Raihan the positive results stem from ticket sales, fruit and vegetable, and the organisation of seminars and other activities. “While many other tourist centers have suffered losses and are trying to recover, Selangor Fruit Valley is still able to survive and even the operation is going quite well to this day she adds.

The 1000 hectares attraction located in Bestari Jaya, hosts many activities apart from showcasing local fruits like durian, mango, guava, jackfruit, and grapes, visitors could spend a day with free-ranging animals at the petting zoo, herbal gardens, bee farm, tram rides, and much more.

The venue also doubles up as a living farm, as vegetables and fruits are supplied into the food supply chain, in fact, Rashidah adds that the produce at the farm is increasing as demand has been growing of late.”Our main farms are fully operational and producing non-stop,”.Testament to another success story the state has procured, the Selangor Fruit Valley is overseen and managed by PKPS.

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