AirAsia Named Top 20 Safest Low Cost Airlines For 2022

AirAsia airlines have been again been awarded for safety and operational integrity when the airline received a 7/7 rating from the experts at

Having secured similar ratings in 2022, AirAsia Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines received recognition for their comprehensive Covid-19 mitigation plans, also named as one of the top 20 safest low-cost airlines for 2022.

Bo Lingam, Group CEO of AirAsia Aviation Limited on achieving the recognition commented “This is a fantastic achievement for our airline Group and I thank the experts at for understanding and recognising the amount of work we have put into making sure our airlines are not only safe and affordable but more contactless and hygienic than ever in the new world of travel. 

According to Bo, AirAsia has made it mandatory for only fully vaccinated guests to be allowed onboard its flights and is operated by a fully vaccinated flight crew. The guideline also applies to the ground staff at the terminal including baggage handlers and guest services.

Editor in Chief and Founder of Geoffrey Thomas said: “The airlines in the AirAsia Group which we have acknowledged have continued to pass the major International Air Transport Association Operation (IATA Safety Audit – IOSA) which covers more than 1,060 parameters.

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