MRC And NCIA Sign MoU To Facilitate Investors In Kedah Rubber City

Malaysian Rubber Council (MRC) and the Northern Corridor Implementation Authority (NCIA) signed a Memorandum of Collaboration  (MOC) to attract more investors to Kedah Rubber City (KRC) during the launching of  KRC which is officiated by YAB Dato’ Sri Ismail Sabri bin Yaakob, Prime Minister of  Malaysia. 

Located on 1,244 acres, KRC aims to boost Malaysia’s rubber sector through a Rubber  Corridor that will link the region’s major rubber producers in Indonesia-Malaysia Thailand Growth Triangle (IMT-GT). Seven clusters have been identified for KRC  namely Advanced Latex Products, Tyre and Tyre Related Products, Automotive Rubber  Products, Engineering Rubber Products, Advanced Rubber Materials, Biotechnology, and Services & Support.  

“Apart from facilitating investors entry to KRC, MRC plans to enhance our marketing and promotion efforts, including the dissemination of NCIA promotional materials for the KRC,” said Nor Hizwan Ahmad, MRC’s CEO. He also added that through the collaboration, MRC and NCIA will jointly outline and implement a cooperative business process for KRC from leads generation to investment. 

“MRC will continue to pave the way to connect industry players and the rubber products supply chain. We truly value NCIA’s KRC initiatives and are looking forward to work together with them in advancing Malaysia’s rubber industry,” said Hizwan. 

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