Supermax Updates Labour Policy Raises Minimum Wage

Supermax Corporation Berhad which has been hit with WRO from US Customs, has rolled out a new comprehensive Foreign Worker Management Policy to address some of the issues relating to labour practices. As part of this new policy implementation, it has also expanded the remediation scope to include former direct hire and contract workers who have left the company since 2019. 

These new initiatives were developed after seeking consultation from an international consulting firm as well as through ongoing engagement and dialogue with Andy Hall, a migrant worker rights specialist. Among the actions include publishing notices in the newspapers of respective foreign worker origin countries and outreach activities conducted with a six-month window period to reach out to as many former workers as possible. The company will also set up a sinking fund to ensure that it remediates these former workers and all other eligible workers according to the revised eligibility criteria for remediation. The fund shall be reviewed accordingly when it depletes and will be governed by an advisory committee consisting of management, consultants, and independent migrant worker rights specialist Andy Hall. 

Additionally, Supermax has also implemented a one-off RM5,000 ex-gratia payment to all its workers and will add a further element of interest on the amount of past recruitment-related fees and costs paid by workers. To date, Supermax has paid out a total of RM25.67 million in remediation covering past recruitment fees, ex-gratia, and other related costs to its workers. 

The Company has also raised its minimum wage to RM1,400 for workers across all categories. The process of implementation of the policies are currently progressing in stages and in accordance with the guidelines of Covid-19 SOPs.   

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