KDEB Waste Management Sets Aside RM600,000 For CSR Initiatives

As part of the groups, community service, and in giving support for those in need, KDEB Waste Management is allocating RM600,000 for its Corporate Social Responsibility program for 2022.

KDEBWM which was actively involved in the recent flood clearing process in Selangor is adamant in addressing community shortcomings wherever it can possibly can. Managing director Ramli Mohd Tahir said the fund was to implement welfare activities such as assistance to school students, asnaf fakir, and assisting out those who are in need of real assistance. He added, that the initiative will also include the distribution of zakat and the provision of large rubbish bins and Mobile Garbage Bins in areas that are in need of such contraptions.

“The amount may not be much but at least we try to channel it for CSR activities. “We consider the provision of assistance fairly and equitably, but the priority is to maintain cleanliness in Selangor because the amount of
the garbage generated in the state is high,” he said.

Recently the corporate company under the state ambit handed out schools equipment including clothing, bags, shoes, and stationery to 64 primary school students as part of its CSR services.

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