Former Teleo Chief Jamaludin Ibrahim to Lead AirAsia

Capital A Bhd (previously known as AirAsia Group Bhd) has appointed former telecommunications executive Tan Sri Jamaludin Ibrahim to join its aviation arm’s board as its new independent non-executive chairman.

Jamaludin’s appointment is among the strategic and organisational changes announced, among them the name change of the airline group from AirAsia Aviation Ltd (AAAL) to AirAsia Aviation Group Ltd (AAGL) by Capital A at a virtual press conference today.

In a statement Capital A said that AAGL will have a new board of independent directors except for the Group CEO, Bo Lingham, AAGL group’s chief executive officer which are separate from the investment holding’s group board to provide greater focus on the sustainable growth of the aviation business, including setting up new joint ventures (JVs) in the future.

AAAGL would now oversee all of the airlines under Capital A and its related international support functions, which include AirAsia Consulting, shared corporate services division AirAsia SEA, the Santan food group and the ground handling services JV business called GTR, according to the statement.

The statement said that the rationale for these structural changes is to provide a separate, robust and lean platform for the airline operations supporting Capital A’s continued focus to become more than just an airline.

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