Malaysia’s Population Grows 1.7% To 32.4 Million, Male Outnumber Female

Malaysia’s 2020 Population and Housing Census reveals a population growth of 1.7% on a 10-year Compound Annual Growth Rate with the total population currently at 32.4 million.

The census also highlighted some key findings including age demographics, according to the report among the population aged 15-64 totally 69.3% while 0-14 was at 24% the aging community of 65 and above stood at 6.8%. On race breakdown, Bumiputera made up the bulk of the population with 69.4% while the Chinese community saw shrinking numbers to 23.2% with Indians making up 6.7%.

Malaysians made up 29.8 million or 91.7% of the population while non-citizens totaled 2.7 million or 8.3%, In terms of gender, 52.3% of the population are men and 47.7% women, giving a ratio of 110 men to 100 women. The findings of the census also show that women outnumber men in the Federal Territory of Putrajaya with a ratio of 100 to 96 men.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri said the data will be used by the government to formalise policies and development strategies for the nation.

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