KOPETRO Selected As Second-Best At The Nation’s Best Cooperatives Of The Year 2021

Koperasi Kakitangan PETRONAS Berhad (KOPETRO) has been selected as the second-best cooperative in the list of the 100 best cooperatives in Malaysia, thus recording a proud achievement since its inception in 1980.

Chairman of KOPETRO, Tuan Haji Khairu Najhan Bin Zainuddin said, the highest recognition given by the Cooperative Commission of Malaysia (SKM) is based on KOPETRO’s excellence in managing governance and a strong financial position.

He said the recognition was announced at the Launching Ceremony of the 100 Years of Cooperatives organized by SKM at the Aloft Hotel, Kuala Lumpur SENTRAL, Kuala Lumpur recently. Previously, KOPETRO’s best achievement was the 5th best Cooperative in 2020.

“As one of the leading cooperatives in Malaysia, we will continue to be committed to making KOPETRO a well -known and accepted corporate brand”.

“This recognition is important to prove that KOPETRO is on the right track in strengthening efficient operational management through efficient governance based on the initiatives in the KOPETRO Strategic Plan 2021-2025 in realizing KOPETRO’s 5 key targets.

“I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all parties including the Malaysian Cooperative Commission (SKM), ANGKASA, Ministry of Entrepreneur and Cooperative Development (MEDAC), Cooperative Board Members and all KOPETRO members for the trust given.

Thanks also to all KOPETRO employees for their efforts in putting KOPETRO to this level,” he said in a statement.

Apart from that, the CEO of KOPETRO, Ahmad Shakir Bin Ahmad Ubaidah also stated that the transformation of the work culture of KOPETRO staff is also a contributing factor to this achievement. “Changes in the work culture that emphasizes the spirit of excellence and teamwork is also the driving force for this achievement”.

“This concept is in line with the idea of ​​cooperatives that move as many as possible together to enable innovation and excellence,” he said.

Ahmad Shakir further said, to face business challenges when the world is still at war with the Covid 19 pandemic, KOPETRO will work more systematically to ensure the sustainability of KOPETRO’s performance can be continued.

“Besides that, KOPETRO is also focusing more aggressively to increase KOPETRO’s business so that it can generate more benefits to attract more members to join KOPETRO,” he said.

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