BNM Makes CCRIS Access More Convenient With eCCRIS

Photo credit: BNM

Bank Negara Malaysia has made the CCRIS registration process much more accessible with eCCRIS which allows users to directly access their data without the need to walk into a BNM or Agensi Kaunseling dan Pengurusan Kredit (AKPK) office.

To register for eCCRIS, individuals need to only follow the steps attached. This includes for new users to make an RM1 online transfer to a designated BNM account via internet banking, with the RM1 automatically refunded within two working days upon registration. This step allows for the identities of individuals to be confirmed digitally, taking away the need for physical verification.

Deputy Governor Marzunisham Omar said, “These enhancements make it more convenient and safer for individual users to register for eCCRIS and have access to their CCRIS reports, all from the comfort of their homes.”

For companies and non-Malaysian individuals, new user registrations can continue to be performed through eLINK at

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