Network Operators Urged To Invest In Quality Service And Not Only On Shareholders

With much heat falling on the telecommunication industry lately, the Communications and Multimedia Ministry added more pressure on the players by asking them to reinvest and upgrade coverage and services for better quality.

Minister, Tan Sri Annuar Musa said telecommunication companies should be more serious on the matter in the interest of consumers.

“I want telcos to be more serious to invest. Please reinvest, even though I know they have to pay lucrative and high dividends to shareholders, but please be fair to consumers,”

He added that based on reports received from telecommunication companies, the network coverage in Malaysia is at 98 percent but there are consumers who still experience problems getting coverage.

“We want to see whether there are good services from all telcos we licensed. And I want the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission to conduct an audit and review telco service performance as the law allows us to fine, compound companies which failed to meet what was stipulated,” he said.

Operators have come under scrutiny in the past 2 years ever since the pandemic hit, with Malaysian taking to stay at home the real capability of the country’s mobile network was tested and failing miserably with many areas having zero to poor coverage. Irking many users who were relying on their mobile network to perform school work and office work.

The claim of 98% coverage is somewhat terminology as this statement is related to population coverage and not land coverage. Don’t expect a phone signal if exploring the deep jungles or Borneo or remote longhouses in Sarawak.

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