DOE Fines 36 Industrial Premises In North Klang For Polluting

The Selangor division of the Department of Environment has taken action against culprits who have been reported to be polluting the environment in the surrounding area they operate. The agency has issued a total of 207 compounds amounting to RM414,000 over the course of its investigation.

Out of which it issued to 36 industrial premises for violating regulations under the Environmental Quality Act 1974, which constitute pollution activity that is damaging to the natural surroundings.

It said this was the result of a three-day operation dubbed Ops Gempur where checks were conducted on 54 premises located in the North Klang industrial area. In addition, the Equipment Operation Detention action was imposed on two factories that were seriously polluting the environment. “The plants’ operation was suspended temporarily to enable immediate control and remedial measures to be taken to stop the pollution,” the
statement read.

Selangor is the most industrial state in Malaysia and has often found itself addressing issues relating to the pollution which has resulted in numerous instances of river cleaning, drinking water contamination, and indiscriminate chemical waste dumping.

Policing has been restraint during the pandemic and the State was subject to scrutiny by the Federal Government for the rise in pollution in rivers and water treatment plants resulting in water cuts affecting millions of residents.

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