Public Knows The State Of The Country’s Economy; Zafrul

Tan Sri Muhyiddin who is also the Chairman of the National Reovery Council made strong a statement claiming that the country’s economy is in serious situation and that he will be revealing datasets pointing to this fact. He further illustrated that its a result of the current government’s management.

In referring to the statement, Tengku Zafrul the Finance Minister posted on his Facebook page (in BM) clarifying on allegations on whether the Minister was hiding economic data from the public.

“Referring to a report I submitted toTan Sri Muhyiddin, it was a report given to the secretariat of the National Recovery Council, just like other reports given by my cabinet colleagues regardless of any party. As the Chairman, he needs these reports to make the right decisions in assisting the Prime Minister in leading Malaysia towards a post-COVID recovery situation.” said Zafrul

He further added, “In fact, the economic facts contained in the report are facts that I have mentioned repeatedly to the Cabinet and any member of the public. I never hide, either through media statements, my comments in forums, parliamentary answers, and reports from agencies such as Bank Negara, the Department of Statistics, and so on. That is why since last year, we have talked about the Fiscal Responsibility Act, to prevent issues such as 1MDB, SSER, and so on from happening again.”

“The public knows the state of the country’s economy, especially after the negative effects brought on by Covid. But as I mentioned, our main focus now is to drive the country’s recovery so that the people can return
to live their lives comfortably. Focus is nor on generating jobs, bringing in investment and helping businesses, these are among the many strategies we have planned to drive this recovery.”

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