Maybank Islamic Launches Global Connect Forum

Maybank Islamic Bhd will be launching its inaugural global thought-leadership conference that will enable a global platform and collaboration on the integration of sustainability and Islamic finance within the Halal economy. 

In partnership with IslamicMarkets Ltd, The Global Connect Forum, with the theme “Driving Sustainable Impact Through Islamic Finance,” will be held from 21 to 23 March as a virtual event on, a global platform that provides tools to professionals and institutions in the Islamic economy to unlock opportunities. 

The Forum will feature special addresses, fireside chats, and panel discussions, bringing together policymakers, business leaders, scholars and key stakeholders from the Islamic finance industry and Halal economy to share key insights and industry best practices. Some 500 participants are expected to attend the Forum. 

Dato’ Mohamed Rafique Merican, CEO of Maybank Islamic said, “We chose the theme, Sustainable Impact Through Islamic Finance to aptly reflect what is happening around us now. The buzzword, Sustainability, has never been so relevant than it is now since the Coronavirus pandemic hit us. It is our objective that this forum will enable a  global platform for collaboration, on the integration of sustainability and Islamic finance. 

Islamic finance calls for social justice, financial inclusivity and ethical practices, and social responsibility. All these notions are at the heart of sustainability efforts and initiatives. With  the significant alignment between Islamic finance and sustainability principles, we believe that  Islamic finance would have broader and more universal appeal.” 

Shakeeb Saqlain, CEO of IslamicMarkets, said, “Recent events have shown us that there is a strong argument for both Islamic finance and the sustainability agenda to complement the development of the global Halal economy. The Global  Connect Forum comes at a critical time when there is a need for meaningful dialogue to further solidify the convergence of sustainability, Islamic finance, and the Halal economy. We are  delighted to be partnering with Maybank Islamic as they accelerate the adoption of sustainable  practices in the Halal economy.”  

Maybank Islamic is a leading force in the industry with a long-standing record of impactful initiatives and products. We believe that the Forum will drive a positive change in the global  economy and support regulators in streamlining policies and standards for the sustainable  development of the industry.” 

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