TNB And MARii Develop The Electric Vehicle (EV) Ecosystem

Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) has entered into a strategic partnership with the Malaysia Automotive, Robotics, and IOT Institute (MARii) in creating a platform to address the challenges of using electric vehicles (EVs) as a whole, in line with the country’s energy transition.

The utility company’s collaboration with the main agency of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI), based on development collaboration with the EV ecosystem, enables the implementation of Mobility as a Service (MAAS) and related initiatives in the automotive market in Malaysia.

The two sides today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which, among others, allows TNB to participate together with MARii in setting up an EV Interoperability Center (EVIC) in Cyberjaya, including in energy distribution and grid networks, to establish guidelines for expanding the use of EVs throughout the country.

President and CEO of TNB, Datuk Ir. Baharin Din said in an effort to move towards low carbon mobility in line with the country’s energy transition, TNB had taken clear steps to explore the field of electric mobility that focused on green energy, including providing EV infrastructure.

“All these efforts will enhance the impact of environmentally friendly development and global well-being with priority on the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) level which is TNB’s agenda.”

Baharin emphasized that the collaboration between TNB and MARii was another proof of TNB’s commitment to government initiatives in reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by up to 45% by 2030. It was also part of TNB’s Sustainability Pathway towards zero carbon emissions. net in 2050.

“These efforts not only strengthen investor confidence in their commitment to ESG and initiatives to address climate change, but also provide the potential for strategic business expansion measures beyond kWh.”

The MoU was signed by TNB’s Chief Global Business Solutions Officer, Ahmad Hushairi Ibrahim, and MaRii’s CEO, Dato ‘Ts. Mohamad Madani Sahari at the TNB Headquarters, here today witnessed by TNB Board Member, Dato ‘Ir. Nawawi Ahmad.

“The future mobility sector will expand its coverage to new sectors that were not previously related to conventional vehicle manufacturing. Collaboration is a step forward towards the era of connected mobility, starting with the development of the electric vehicle ecosystem,” said MARii’s CEO.

“MARii and MITI will set up an Electric Vehicle Interoperability Center (EVIC), where energy generation and storage technology will be an important stakeholder in developing research and development infrastructure for EV manufacturers and suppliers of critical components under EVIC,” he added.

The MoU also focuses on the implementation of the Langkawi EV Hub Pilot Project which supports the target vision of Langkawi Island as a Low Carbon Island 2030. Among others, through the potential to introduce affordable EVs in collaboration with banking institutions, suppliers, vehicle manufacturers & distributors and public car operators, taxis and e-hailing.

Baharin also expressed his appreciation for MARii’s commitment to collaborate with TNB which is not only for the survival of both parties, but also to the automotive industry, energy industry, the consumer community and the people as a whole.

Madani who agreed that the strategic collaboration was important and relied on MARii’s expertise in the development of smart systems for automotive humanisation & utilization and the use of the latest digital hardware & technology applications, in line with the National Automotive Policy 2020 (NAP 2020) overseen by MITI.

In ensuring the success of the collaboration, MARii provides access to data, analysis, reports & research provided in addition to leading the development of the Internet of Things (IoT), telematics, MAAS and EVIC in Cyberjaya.

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