Bursa Securities’ PLC Transformation Programme To Assist Listed Companies Align With Global Trends

Bursa Malaysia Berhad launched the PLC Transformation Programme which is designed to help raise the stature of Corporate Malaysia and increase the attractiveness of public listed companies in Malaysia.

The programme, which will run through to 2025, aims at steering all PLCs towards accelerating their growth strategies and improving performance. In view of the changing investment climate with ESG and climate change, fundamentally, the programme is to help PLCs achieve higher levels of performance through sharing of best practices and insights, enhanced engagement and greater transparency practices.

Bursa has identified 5 areas and has issued digital guidebooks, based on the following key tenets:
• Be Purpose and Performance-Driven;
• Grow as Sustainable, Socially Responsible and Ethical Organisations;
• Have Strengthened Stakeholder Management and Investor Relations;
• Be Digitally Enabled; and
• Contribute towards overall Nation Building.
“As one of the key drivers towards building a resilient economy for Malaysia, it is more important than ever to empower PLCs to enhance their market competitiveness, so they can help grow and sustain investors’ interest in our capital market,” said Finance Minister Tengku Datuk Seri Utama Zafrul Tengku Abdul Aziz. “Through Bursa Malaysia’s guidebooks and other initiatives, the PLC Transformation Programme aims to assist PLCs in identifying areas of development that are aligned with key global trends and multi-stakeholders expectations. These efforts will certainly enhance the PLCs’ investability, particularly as themes such as Environmental, Social and Governance are quickly becoming front and centre among global investors.”

According to Bursa Chairman Tan Sri Wahid Omar, the decline in PLC’s profitability in recent years indicates a clear need for them to undergo a transformation not only to enhance their performance but also to future-proof themselves as global competition intensifies.

Although the PLC Transformation Programme is not prescriptive, the efforts and progress of these PLCs will be monitored via a digital dashboard to encourage transparency and effective achievement of the intended outcomes. The launch of the PLC Transformation Programme also saw the unveiling of the programme’s first digital guidebook, titled “Creating Purpose & Performance Driven Public Listed Companies (PLCs)”, which are available for download on the Bursa Malaysia website.

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