TNB CEO Says, Staffs Not On The Take In Bitcoin Mining Electricity Theft

With regards to the latest headline news on MACC officers undercover operation busting Bitcoin syndicate who used illegal means to steal electricity, Tenaga Nasional Berhad had issued a statement claiming none of their employees were involved or arrested on this major reveal.

The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission was able to to crack down on electricity theft syndicates after disquisisgn themselves as TNB meter readers and operated on the stinng for 3 years before going in for the bust. However some media had taken the information as the meter readers being on the take for the whole period.

“The fact is, TNB’s covert operation with the MACC requires undercover spying to trap and expose the activities of this syndicate,” said TNB President and Chief Executive Officer, Datuk Ir. Baharin Din. “No TNB employees were detained because it was confirmed that no TNB employees received gifts from members of the syndicate,” he added.

According to Baharin, TNB Management was very grateful to MACC and the staffs involved in this operation which took more than two years until legal action could be taken against those involved. This joint initiative has already borne fruit with the arrest of 18 individuals involving 7,209 cases since 2018. The covert operation has also enabled anti-corruption agency to freeze 126 bank accounts worth RM4.47 million involving 97 individuals and 29 companies. Of the 18 syndicate masterminds arrested, one had 500 units of shophouses rented for illegal bitcoin mining activities.

The haul was regarded as the largest of such case in the country.

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