Selangor Aims To Be A Trading Global Trading Hub

Selangor is keen to strengthen smart city technologies and infrastructures towards establishing itself as a Global Trading Hub. In introducing the state as the future Global Trading Hub, Invest Selangor produced and compiled a series of 36 short videos.

The video series was launched earlier in conjunction with Selangor’s participation at the Expo 2020 Dubai on the 23rd week at the Malaysian Pavilion.
These videos which will be available on Invest Selangor’s official Youtube account will manifest the progress towards making Selangor the Global Trading Hub.

The ideas will be presented through four main themes which are Selangor for business, Selangor for efficiency, Selangor for Future, and Digital Economy Case Study Series. These episodes explore the efforts and initiatives towards making Selangor the Global Trading Hub.
Under the theme Selangor for Business, the video focuses on the state’s consistent effort to innovate and thrive through its Smart State Vision, multilingual talent pool, an ideal business ecosystem, and its strategic location. Selangor for Efficiency focuses on the state’s effort to help businesses or companies set up, expand, and succeed through Invest Selangor.

Selangor for Future emphasizes the state’s readiness to achieve its mission to be a Global Trading Hub, the centre for Digital Economy, and to realise its goal to be an MRO Hub through its Selangor Aviation Show.

These short video compilations demonstrate how Selangor develops favourable ecosystems for industries to set up their operations in the state. Selangor’s strategic location with two major international airports and the world’s 12th largest container port (Port Klang), as well as several advanced domestic rail, road, and air links to economic centres within the country, makes the state one of the most attractive business hubs to connect investors to ASEAN and global markets.

Additionally, Selangor also boasts about 3.6 million workforce, who are largely skilled and multilingual.
Selangor State Government welcomes development and investment projects in a wide range of sectors, from energy efficiency, sustainable building, renewables and waste management, recycling technologies & waste to-energy to different technologies and solutions that assist in reducing emissions, traffic congestion down to healthcare solutions to improve the life of residents. 

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