Top Glove Sets Forth to Propel Equality at the Workplace

The world’s largest manufacturer of gloves has set forth diversity at the workplace starts at the top.

The Company is committed to ensuring a space where all its employees can thrive.

The principle of gender equality and diversity is practised when it is evident that there is gender equality in leadership positions, women participation in the boardroom and initiatives to safeguard female safety and wellbeing at the workplace.

“By embracing diversity and equality through our human capital policies and practices that advocate equal opportunities for gainful employment, learning and development, and career advancement, Top Glove has become an employer of choice to some 22,000 employees. Women participation on Top Glove’s Board is at 38% and the Company currently also boasts a commendable 52:48 ratio of women to men in leadership positions, who are managers and above,” Dato’ Lee Kim Meow, Managing Director of Top Glove said.

To safeguard female safety and wellbeing at the workplace, the glove manufacturer has implemented initiatives like strengthening its prevention of sexual harassment policy; stationing auxiliary police at carpark and premises; allocating designated car park spaces for pregnant employees; access to weekly free health day visits and check-ups by gynaecologist; upgrading its nursing rooms, which are conveniently located in all its factories and offices; and providing maternity uniforms for expectant mothers who are working in the production department.

The company also contributes financial and voluntary assistance to causes that help women in need within the communities it serves. These include charitable organisations, women community events, and donations to single mothers, for which assistance rendered amounted to over RM160K to date, alongside other ongoing charitable initiatives.

In conjunction with International Women’s Day on 8 March 2022, Top Glove is organising a host of motivational podcast sharing and workshop sessions for its employees throughout the month with opportune topics such as advancing women wellness, sexual harassment, developing a breakthrough mindset, and further empowering women at the workplace.

“We believe that our initiatives to support and advance gender parity in the workplace have been instrumental in Top Glove being included in the 2022 Bloomberg Gender Equality Index. We are honoured to be one of four Malaysian companies and among 20 companies worldwide in the ‘Industrials’ sector that made the Index, which tracks the performance of public listed companies committed to transparency in five key areas namely female leadership and talent pipeline, equal pay and gender pay parity, inclusive culture, anti sexual harassment policies and pro women brand,” Dato’ Lee Kim Meow added.

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