Nexgram Signs MOU With PAPM Offering Foreign Worker Quarantine Services

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NEXGRAM signs MOU with PAPM (Association of Employment Agencies Malaysia) to offer its members quarantine and Covid-19 screening services upon arrival at the airports.

Among the facilities offered are isolation rooms including managing the process flow from the airport departure point of the foreign workers up to the quarantine centres in Malaysia. Monitoring the arrival process of foreign workers at any of the Malaysia airports including providing transportation services from the airport to quarantine centre; and managing the process of checking in and checking out from the quarantine center in Malaysia including the handover process to such foreign workers to their respective authorised employer or the Agencies.

This will be undertaken by Nexgram’s subsidiary, APLSB which is involved in medical laboratory testing and analysis services and research and experimental development on biotechnology to promote the Services to all the Employment Agencies in Malaysia including foreign workers agencies in and outside Malaysia.

The proposal is to educate in relation to the prevention of Covid-19 during the arrival of the foreign workers in Malaysia and before despatch to the designated location.

Nexgram is looking to tap into the impending arrival of mass number of foreign workers when the Human Resource Ministry finalises the new policy and agreements with the respective countries.

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