Paving The Way For Young Women Entrepreneurs

With today’s increasing life expectations and quality of life, the desire to look young and beautiful plays a bigger role than ever. With that being said, one can’t deny the fact that hair represents an integral part of the face and our overall appearance.

In a recent interview, aspiring founder Farah Nadhirah Binti Ibrahim, founder of the promising brand Le’HairBoss shared her inspiring story on how she helped consumers sole hair loss, thinning hair, and scalp problems, to name a few, with an array of supplements and hair care products.

“Not too long ago, I was facing hair problems of my own. After having spent large amounts of money on hair products and treatments to find one that would suit me, I decided that the best way would be to create one suited to me and one that could cater to even the most sensitive and delicate hair and scalp,” says Farah. “It took many attempts, trials, and prototypes to finally come out with products that work. Holding a diploma in hair and design did have its advantages but coming up with custom handpicked formulas was challenging” she admits as she did not want products with run-of-the-mill formulas. 

Farah founded Le’HairBoss in early 2020, under Qrera Sdn Bhd, with determination and a major goal in mind, which was to solve hair problems for the public with their utmost satisfaction. Soon after launching, she gathered the interests of customers not only locally, but also abroad. Singapore, Brunei, and Indonesia to name a few. Some even reached the interests of consumers in the middle east.

Hair problems can be caused by many factors including lifestyle, age, habits, and even genetics.

“Treating hair problems from inside and out, the effects would be more noticeable and lasting. Hence the creation of hair vitamins which work alongside hair products such as shampoos, tonics and hair masks” says Farah. In 2020, the first hair supplement was created followed with a comprehensive external treatment set consisting of shampoo, tonic, and hair mask. “This is just the tip of the iceberg, as there are so many upcoming products in the works. We plan to create more unique products and expand our sales to more countries worldwide within the next 5 years” she reveals.

“I love seeing my customers’ feedback and comments when they are genuinely satisfied with the results. It has always been a priority to give the customers the feeling of money well spent on something that truly works” she explains. In recent times, customers turned into sellers and even distributors which in turn proved the efficacy and the confidence they had in the products.

First Award on November 22, 2021, Le Le’HairBoss under Qrera Sdn Bhd, received an award for “Promising Hair Care Brand of The Year” at the “Made for the world excellence award 2021” organized by which truly marked another huge milestone for the brand. This award was in recognition of the brand’s achievement in sales and presence in the hair care industry.

Recently, on March 8, Le’HairBoss under Qrera Sdn Bhd received an award again from IKON MALAYSIA, which is this award recognition as “Prestigious Women CEO” at the “Malaysia Prestigious Industry Award 2021” organised by MOCAD media partner with IKON MALAYSIA. This award was recognition for Farah Nadhirah Binti Ibrahim as Prestigious Women CEO in Beauty and Health Industry. This marked another huge success for the brand and gave a bigger opportunity to us to make consumers believe and trust more in our productivity.

Farah encourages the public to chase their goals and not give up on what they truly believe in. “Chase for success, but not at the expense of your own happiness” she emphasizes. She lives by one principle, which is the more we receive, the more we should do for those in need. “By succeeding further, I can help create more opportunities, give more to the community and also help change people’s lives” Farah advises.

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