Permission to Import Thai Cattles and Buffaloes

In a statement to media, Jabatan Perkhidmatan Veterinar (DVS) announced the lifting of the ban on cattle imports.

DVS and Department of Livestock Development Thailand (DLD) have reached agreement on disease control measures for LSD (Lumpy Skin Disease) of the importation of cattle and buffaloes. In this regard, DVS announced the withdrawal of the ban on the import of cattle and buffaloes from Thailand with immediate effect.

This decision was made after several improvements in import rules and procedures were made. The decision also takes into account the mitigation measures that can be taken to control LSD disease.

DVS have requested all industry players to cooperate by ensuring that the purchase of livestock from Thailand is made through a legitimate livestock supplier and registered with the DLD. This is to ensure that all procedures in the control of LSD can be complied with and prevent the entry of diseased livestock into Malaysia.

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