Jokowi: New Capital Will Accelerate Economy Development

President Jokowi expressed confidence in the new capital Nusantara driving innovation to accelerate economic development in the future adding that the development of the new capital will also drive national economic activities and growth, especially in the eastern part of Indonesia.

The President made the remark during the CNBC Indonesia Economic Outlook 2022 event from the Presidential Palace in Bogor. He then invited investors to become a part of the national history for Indonesia’s progress and glory in the future by contributing to the development of the new capital.

Apart from the development of the new capital, he highlighted two other measures that the government will implement to bolster Indonesia’s economic growth in 2022. First, to continually enhance the industrial downstream process by motivating industry actors to create more diverse and varied products to boost investment and open new jobs for residents.

Stating it will then help increase export value, improve balance and payment, and bolster fiscal and monetary systems. noting that improvement on those aspects will strengthen the national economic foundation.

Jokowi is also pushing for the green economy to become the main force of the national economy, with its diverse natural resource potentials, such as water, wind, solar power, and geothermal, the nation could be a leader in the development of affordable energy sources, he added.

“Those potentials must be optimised to bolster Indonesia’s competitiveness in the green economy aspect in the future,”

The President is also well aware of the global community facing new challenges and global uncertainties this year, as the current COVID-19 pandemic is exacerbated by the Russia-Ukraine conflict negatively affecting the global economy and politics.

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