Bridging the Digital Gap for National Development


The tech industry is taking the world by storm, with cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence, NFTs (non-fungible token) and big data at the forefront. Suffice to say, in this day and age, digital literacy is non-negotiable. With many companies operating from home, it is fundamental that an employee can operate a computer efficiently, regardless of the field in which they specialise. Furthermore, as technology matures over time, employers are also looking for more specialised skills, like data analytics.

University of Nottingham Malaysia (UNM), through its Nottingham University Business School (NUBS), is strengthening its relationship with data analytics solutions provider, SAS Institute Malaysia, to bridge the digital gap created by an insufficient pool of data experts in Malaysia.

“UNM has worked closely with SAS for nearly 16 years. We are initiating this partnership today to strive for a more digitally advanced future. This collaboration falls in line with the Malaysia Digital Economy Cooperation’s (MDEC) mission to boost digital-based learning, to develop innovators of tomorrow. We hope to produce competitive graduates who can, in turn, further innovation and the development of Malaysia,” Interim Provost and CEO, Professor Sarah Metcalfe

The integration of digital-based learning in classrooms is crucial to prepare the students of today for the ever changing and competitive job market. This is because an employee who can analyse and interpret data efficiently and effectively is a highly valuable one.

“With the demand for skilled analytics talent continuing to outpace supply in Malaysia, we recognise the importance of bridging this talent gap.” Cheam Inn Tat, Managing Director of SAS Institute Malaysia.

“Companies across sectors including financial and government need analytics talent as they move towards digitalisation. SAS is committed to growing the next generation of analytics experts and connecting employers with the talent they need.” Cheam continued.

Whilst many believe data analysis to be crucial in the tech industry alone, data analytics has grown to be an asset in numerous industries. In business, for example, data analytics helps companies optimise performance by studying the trends of their operations to evaluate risk and predict issues. Essentially, interpreting this data would help companies make data-driven decisions to excel within the market. The fact that there aren’t enough people who can do this, proves just how valuable a skill it is.

Through this partnership, University of Nottingham Malaysia (UNM) will also gain access to SAS
Malaysia’s Joint Academic Specialisation Program for its Nottingham University Business School
(NUBS) programmes, Bachelor of Science (Hons) Finance, Accounting and Management and
Bachelor of Science (Hons) Business Economics and Finance. The Joint Academic Specialisation
will provide students and educators exposure to SAS’ solutions for a more engaging educational

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