China Maps Out Its 2021-2035 Hydrogen Energy Program

Chinese authorities have released a plan for the development of hydrogen energy for the 2021-2035 period as the country races toward its carbon peaking and neutrality goals.

The nation projects by 2025, it will put in place a relatively complete hydrogen energy industry development system, with the aim of transforming its industries energy consumption and at the same time fully enhancing its capability in maximising the usage of the new energy source according to the plan jointly released by the National Development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Administration.

Annual hydrogen production from renewable energy is expected to reach 100,000 tonnes to 200,000 tonnes to become an important part of new hydrogen energy consumption by 2025 and enable carbon dioxide emission reduction of 1 million to 2 million tonnes per year.

By 2030, China is seeking a reasonable and orderly industrial layout and wide use of hydrogen production from renewable energy to offer solid support for the carbon peaking goal. And by 2035, the proportion of hydrogen produced from renewable energy in terminal energy consumption will increase significantly, which will play an important supporting role in the country’s green energy transformation, according to the plan.

Hydrogen is a secondary source of energy that usually requires a primary energy input to be produced on an industrial scale. Depending on the source from which it is produced, hydrogen can be gray, blue, or green, and green hydrogen is the only type produced in a climate-neutral manner that could reduce emissions.

Globally, hydrogen has become an important strategic choice for major developed economies seeking to accelerate their energy transformation and upgrading.

China is currently the largest hydrogen producer in the world, with an annual production output of about 33 million tonnes.

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