Reopening Of Malaysian Borders Effective April 1

The Ministry of Health (MOH) has prepared a protocol for travelers to make Malaysia a safe destination and avoid congestion at international entrances.

The General Protocols that have been established are as follows:


A. Before Departure
i. Travelers are required to download, register and activate the MySejahtera app;
ii. Travelers are required to complete a travel declaration including vaccination information that can be accessed via the Traveler icon in MySejahtera;
iii. Report and upload the results of the RT-PCR Test performed 2 days before departure.

iv. While for travelers who have been infected within 6 to 60 days, they need to report and upload the results of the Professional Antigen RTK that has been done 2 days before departure;
v. For non-citizen travelers, they are also required to:

• Have travel protection insurance and COVID-19 insurance

• State the address of the accommodation in Malaysia
vi. By sending the above information, travelers will get the following display in the MySejahtera application:-
• Travelers Card for travelers with a complete vaccine;
• Home Surveillance Order for 5 days for travelers who are not fully vaccinated or no vaccination.
vii. For travelers who do not have a traveler card display or HSO instructions, they are not allowed to continue their journey

B. Upon Arrival at the International Gateway (PMA)

i. Travelers will go through a fever screening with a thermal scanner or self-referral to a health worker if they have symptoms for further examination at the health counter at PMA.
ii. Unsymptomatic travelers will proceed to the immigration counter for further review.

C. After entering Malaysia within 24 hours

i. Travelers are required to undergo a professional RTK-Ag test either at a private health facility in the PMA or outside the PMA within 24 hours.
ii. RTK-Ag test results will be obtained in the application MySejahtera. If the result of the professional RTK-Ag test is positive:-
• Travelers with a complete vaccine will be given a 7-day surveillance and observation order (HSO) at the accommodation for categories 1 and 2. However, for categories 3 and above, they will need to seek treatment at a PKRC or private hospital;
• For travelers who are not fully vaccinated or have no vaccination, they will be given HSO for 10 days.

iii. If the RTK Antigen professional test result is negative:-
• Travelers with a complete vaccine do not have to undergo quarantine;

• For travelers who are not fully vaccinated or not vaccinated, they will be given HSO for 5 days at the accommodation and required to undergo RT-PCR on the 4th day or RTK-Ag professional on the 5th day. If the second COVID-19 sample test is positive, they will be given a surveillance and observation order (HSO) for 5 days from the date the second sample is taken. Meanwhile, if the COVID-19 results are negative, they will be released from the HSO.


Children under the age of 6 (according to the year of birth) are not required to undergo pre-departure testing and testing upon arrival.


• At the initial stage, only two (2) land border gates have been agreed to be opened from 1 April 2022, namely Bukit Kayu Hitam Sadao and Wang Kelian-Wang Prachan
• The Thai government is only willing to accept tourist travelers only. While for daily and frequent travelers, discussions are still underway between Malaysia and Thailand.
• Currently, the general protocol of general travelers applies to travelers from Thailand.


The Malaysian Ministry of Health recognizes travelers who have completed a full regimen of COVID-19 vaccine approved under the World Health Organization’s Emergency Use Listing.

In addition, Malaysia will also receive vaccines that have been approved for use by regulatory authorities in other countries even those that are not listed in the World Health Organization’s Emergency Use Listing. The list of vaccine types and brands will be updated from time to time.

Zifivax (China, Indonesia, Pakistan), Minhai (China, Indonesia), CoviVac (Cambodia, Russia), Medigen (Taiwan), ZyCoV-0 (India), Turkovac (Turkey), Covifenz (Canada)


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