Sensata Continues Investing In Malaysia, Expands Factory To 275,000 Sq Feet

Sensata Technologies, held a groundbreaking ceremony for a new Green Certified building in Malaysia, increasing manufacturing floor space by 40,000 square feet, bringing its total manufacturing space to nearly 275,000 square feet.

Sensata Techologies is a publicly-traded company and a leading manufacturer of sensors, electrical protection components, and sensor-rich solutions with operations globally. Sensata Technologies Malaysia first started operations in Kuala Lumpur as part of Texas Instruments (TI) Malaysia in 1974. Texas Instrument’s Sensors & Controls (S&C) Division separated from TI in 2006, and the S&C operations became part of the stand-alone Sensata Technologies business.  Since 2006, the Company has been manufacturing world-class products in Malaysia for a number of customers and has steadily grown in terms of securing more product portfolios, establishing an on-site mechanisation team, and venturing into automated manufacturing.

Sensata Technologies has invested approximately RM790 million in Malaysia and will invest an additional RM510 million within the next five years to expand its technology offering and manufacturing capacity. This added floor space will provide the necessary room to grow the Sense Element Assembly (SEA) which is a key component for sensors used in the industry, Electric Vehicle (EV) growth, and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, which require class 10K cleanroom facility and robotics.

“In addition to technological advancements, we will also be creating value for people in the community by creating more than 500 new job opportunities. We will also be more integrated into our supply chain by collaborating with local Small Medium Industry (SME) on the state of the art sensors assembly as we know that there are many SMEs in our region who have the technology we need at a much more reasonable cost,” said Vijay Jayaratnam, General Manager, Sensata Technologies Malaysia.

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