EasyStore Launches ‘Raya-Bergaya Easy Deals’ to Help SMEs Upscale Their E-Commerce Businesses This Ramadan Season

In conjunction with the upcoming Ramadan period, EasyStore has officially launched its Raya-Bergaya Easy Deals campaign. Aimed to empower SMEs, especially those aiming to capture the Ramadan bazaar crowd, the campaign offers merchants with access to their holistic multiple sales channel platform at a lower rate and more added benefits. 

The tagline of the campaign – “Gandakan jualan Raya anda,” which directly translates to “Double your Raya sales”, is ultimately how EasyStore aims to help SMEs, such as brands that already have online presences on online marketplaces — including Lazada and Shopee, and other online channels like social media and marketplaces. Additionally, brands are able to achieve more sales beyond their physical stores by furthering their market reach through extending and broadening their sales channels online. 

With the Raya-Bergaya Easy Deals campaign, businesses can leverage on EasyStore’s multiple sales channel platform without breaking their banks to effectively manage their entire online business and up to a full spectrum of 7 sales channels from a single dashboard. EasyStore’s solution not only empowers businesses to garner sales from their own branded webstore, but to also capture sales from sought-after social media channels such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Live, Messenger and more, which have been proven to be influential formats on brand discovery by consumers over the recent years. 

From now until the May 4, merchants who are keen to subscribe to EasyStore’s yearly plan through the campaign can enjoy a discounted rate of up to 49% when compared to normal standard pricing. To top things off, merchants will be able to enjoy benefits and perks exclusive to the Raya-Bergaya Easy Deals campaign from EasyStore’s renowned partners ranging from BNPL service provider Atome to automated-chat-marketing-solution Novochat.

“We are vouching for SME and startup owners who are wary of increasing or scaling their business given the exorbitant prices that the market is offering just for sales-channels-expansion. Hence, we are targeting SMEs that are seriously looking for solutions that can help them be on multiple online sales channels simultaneously  while having the ability to easily and effectively manage orders without breaking the bank. What we want for them to truly achieve through Raya-Bergaya Easy Deals package is the ideal conversion of low cost, high returns,” said Frost Chen, CEO of EasyStore.

Given the added advantages that EasyStore is offering to businesses that register during the campaign jointly with the opportune season that is Ramadan, there is no better time for merchants to elevate and digitalise their businesses to the next level than this festive period. 

Capturing the E-commerce Ramadan Market in 2022

Malaysia, being in the process of transitioning into the endemic phase, poses another factor of unpredictability in dictating the level of surge in sales that local e-commerce businesses will be encountering in the upcoming Ramadan. As indicated from last year’s data analysis, the Ramadan season in 2021 saw traffic and sales performance above the baseline of 2020 despite it being a year with an alarming surge in the number of Covid-19 infections and deaths. 

“While businesses are poised to encounter a spike in sales during the Raya season, a foolproof strategy is still required in the face of unpredictable challenges such as lockdowns, restrictions and even flash floods. By maximising their business potential through digitalisation, businesses will see higher chances to generate up to a year’s worth of revenue just from a seasonal period such as Ramadan. Hence, we hope that this campaign is able to help more merchants achieve business success sooner, and we are delighted to be part of our merchants’ journey to digitalisation,” Frost added.

To better prepare themselves for the spike in sales that will certainly occur during Ramadan, SMEs and merchants need to be equipped with the appropriate tools to cope with increasing consumer demands to be able to manage every sales channel effectively. EasyStore aims to be the one-stop digital solution to all the uncertainties merchants may have in regards to digital adoption for their businesses. Besides having an optimized interface that is user-friendly and can be easily mastered, EasyStore is happy to be working with iPay88, Malaysia’s leading safe-payment system, in providing SMEs with additional  payment options at a lower rate from credit cards to e-wallets, locally and internationally.  

Raya-Bergaya Easy Deals is an ongoing campaign as part of EasyStore’s efforts in helping traditional brick and mortar and SMEs scale their businesses online. For more information about EasyStore and the Raya-Bergaya Easy Deals campaign, visit https://www.easystore.co.

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