Malaysian Genomics Brings Genetic Screening For All On AirAsia SuperApp

Malaysian Genomics has launched of its genetic screening plus personalised health supplements solutions on the airasia Super App.

Besides airasia Super App, this unique collaboration also includes Speedoc, a virtual clinic and healthcare solutions platform that will provide consultation of test results by their doctors, and MGRC partner Unique Remedy, compounding pharmacy specialist which will produce the personalised health supplements.

All genetic screening solutions include the Dtect Wellness genetic screening test complemented with personalised supplements made based on each person’s test results. The Dtect Wellness test analyses a person’s DNA to identify relevant genetic markers that play important roles in influencing nutrition, health and wellness. Based on the test results, supplements that are deemed most important for the particular person’s health are identified, and personalised health supplements are produced.

“This is the first time Malaysian Genomics is offering genetic screening together with a health supplement solution. Genetic screening tests can give insights and indicate the risks for a large range of diseases and conditions that can affect health. The knowledge from genetic screening is important as people can use it to make changes in their lifestyle and diet to lead healthier lives. Personalised health supplements are among one of the actionable steps that can be quickly taken,” Mr. Sasha Nordin, Chief Executive Officer of Malaysian Genomics said.

“This collaboration will be a start to a series of exciting products and services we are offering to expand Malaysian Genomics’ suite of healthcare-related solutions that cater to different needs and groups as people become more aware of their health and want to know more as well as take action on how they can improve or enhance their health,” Encik Noor Azri bin Dato’ Sri Noor Azerai, Executive Director of Malaysian Genomics, said,

Besides Dtect Wellness, other tests can be added to the solutions, including Dtect Onco that screens for hereditary cancer risks, Dtect Cardio & Metabolic, which screens for cardiovascular and metabolic diseases and, Dtect PGx, which screens for risk of adverse reactions and response to prescription medications.

These genetic screening test solutions are available for purchase on AirAsia’s The Asean Super App.

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