Celcom Signs MoU With HeiTech To Advance Healthcare Services Through Digitalisation And Smart Tech

Celcom today signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with HeiTech Padu Berhad (HeiTech) to explore on the development of implementing and equipping Malaysian ambulances with Smart healthcare technology and services. The Smart devices and technology will enable emergency healthcare professionals to exchange real-time rich communication information on the go with healthcare experts within hospitals. 

The collaboration between the two organisations aims to provide first responders with access to advanced technologies and communication tools to treat patients more efficiently and effectively. Supported by HeiTech, a leading ICT systems and technology service provider and Celcom’s widest 4G LTE coverage and high-speed connectivity network services, emergency healthcare teams who are on-ground or in transit to hospitals can assess and transmit data to healthcare professionals at hospitals using real-time video feeds for better preparation prior to the ambulance’s arrival, leading to better medial decision-making measures in saving lives. 

The Smart Ambulances will be equipped with high definition (HD) and artificial intelligence (AI) cameras to monitor the condition inside the ambulance, which also includes the driver’s point of view. A body camera will also be equipped on emergency healthcare responders to project live view and situations of the patient back to the Hospital’s command centre. The Smart Ambulances will also be equipped with a fleet management system and GPS tracking system for real-time monitoring and surveillance of the ambulance’s whereabouts.  

The MOU between Celcom and HeiTech was signed between Datuk Idham Nawawi, CEO of Celcom Axiata Berhad and Dato’ Sri Mohd Hilmey Mohd Taib, President/Executive Deputy Chairman of HeiTech Padu Berhad at @celcom, Petaling Jaya today.

Commenting on the partnership, Datuk Idham said that the strategic alliance would enable Celcom and HeiTech to leverage on each other’s strengths to innovate digital solutions for healthcare services, elevating the medical industry with Smart Technology, and potentially 5G services, for improved efficiency and successful rescue rates of patients. 

“As Malaysia embraces the fourth Industrial Revolution, Smart Technology has the potential to transform today’s healthcare services with reliable real-time and remote emergency medical response systems. With the aim of increasing efficiency to save more Malaysian lives who are at stake, Smart Ambulances would serve as a digital mobile emergency room to save more lives and elevate the country’s healthcare industry to greater heights. 

“Together with HeiTech, we look forward towards digitalising our country’s healthcare industry with new innovative digital medical services that will help medical professionals in saving more Malaysian lives more efficiently,” Idham added. 

HeiTech had started its Digital Healthcare journey more than decades ago with its systems and applications being used by hospitals throughout the country. The systems and applications developed by HeiTech greatly help manage both patients and hospitals better, increasing the quality of care provided to Malaysians. 

“This will undoubtedly help pivot the nation into realizing the full potentials of technology in improving the rakyat’s quality of life,” said Dato’ Sri Mohd Hilmey.

“We believe the collaboration between the two perpetual trailblazers, Celcom in telco technology and HeiTech in enterprise digital transformation, will be a good showcase of how enterprises cooperate in crafting innovative solutions for the nation. 

“The more use cases being developed translates into more possibilities of these use cases/solutions being adopted and implemented in the real world. The 5G enabled Smart Ambulance will bring a new meaning to connected healthcare and hopefully it will start a wave of other innovation to benefit the people on the street,” Dato’ Sri Mohd Hilmey added.

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