RC Drilling of Manganese at Brumbly Creek Done : Bryah Resources

Bryah Resources Limited made the announcement through its official statement that it has completed 2498 metres of RC drilling at the Brumby Creek manganese project.

To recap, Bryah is in a Joint Venture with OM (Manganese) Ltd (OMM). OMM is a wholly owned subsidiary of OM Holdings Limited.

“The completed drilling followed up geophysical targets from the GAIP surveys completed in 2021. GAIP surveys define conductive zones, which aim to locate manganese that is spatially extensive under cover. This technique can cover larger areas of ground quickly so we can prioritise the next round of drilling. With the maiden manganese resource released there is massive scope to grow the available resource to reach the critical mass to restart the mining operation. The GAIP and follow up drilling will quickly appraise areas along strike from known resources to define new prospects,” Bryah CEO Ashley Jones made this comment on the drilling.

Bryah has elected to contribute to the Joint Venture to retain its 49% in the JV with OMM.

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