Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan Voted Out

The defiant Prime Minister of Pakistan, a former cricketer turned politician received a no-confidence motion filed by an opposition alliance who have succeeded to oust the Prime Minister after the majority of members of the National Assembly voted against him, said an official.

Sardar Ayaz Sadiq, a member of the National Assembly, announced that 174 members voted against the prime minister in the 342-member house. He also chaired the session to conduct the vote for the no-confidence motion after Speaker of the National Assembly Asad Qaiser resigned from his post.

On March 28, an alliance of opposition parties presented the no-confidence motion against Imran Khan in the National Assembly.

Later on April 3, the deputy speaker of the National Assembly rejected the no-confidence motion over the alleged involvement of foreign hands in the conspiracy to topple the Pakistani government.

The Supreme Court of Pakistan on Thursday declared the deputy speaker’s action a violation of the constitution of the country. The apex court ordered the National Assembly to summon a session of the house on Saturday and conduct voting on the no-confidence motion.

According to the procedure and rules, the house will send the result of the no-confidence motion to the country’s president for approval and permission to start the process to elect a new prime minister.

Ironically Malaysian government officials recently met with the beleaguered Prime Minister administration to establish stronger bilateral trade post-pandemic.

Imran Khan ascended to the post in 2018 and became the 22 Prime Minister of Pakistan on August 18.

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