PKPS Organising Affordable Food Produce Mega Sale From April 29 Till May 1

After much success in its prelimenary effort in providing basic food like chicken and eggs at affordable prices, Perbadanan Kemajuan Pertanian Selangor is organsing a special Syawal sale with bigger capacity from April 29 till May 1 in view of the demand for the coming Hari Raya celebration.  

The affordable food produce program which garnered sales of RM649,977 from its Jualan Prihatin Rakyat programme since it was introduced on February 28 has received overwhleming response from the public, with many hoping that it will be extended. 

Part of the States food security management policy the current initiative will cover necessitiies like chicken, eggs, meat, fish and vegetables with the assurance of more quantity will be offered. PKPS CEO Dr Khairil has been actively looking at ways to reduce price of food produce without impacting producers income and has come up with innovative solutions to mitigate price hikes.  

For the upcoming Syawal campaign, PKPS will be allocating 2,000 chickens and 2,000 egg every day compared to 500 chickens and 500 egg previously. The program is aims to assist the B40 community who have been struggling with rising food costs and having also endured the long pandemic impact which many have suffered loss of income. 

The State government agency has set aside a total of 10,000 chickens, 3,100kg of fresh meat, 6,200kg of mackerel and 315,000 grade B eggs under the program, the public can enjoy special rate on produce, standard chicken will be sold at RM12 a bird, fresh meat at RM35 per kilogram, grade B eggs at RM10 per pack and mackerel at RM8 per pack.

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