ATLAS Vending Expands Potential Of Automated Retail With New ‘Minit Mart’

ATLAS Vending, an F&B vending operator, is expanding the potential of automated retail in Malaysia with the launch of Minit Mart, its new concept of fully-automated self-service retail stores. To kick off the Minit Mart sub-brand, ATLAS Vending has rolled out Minit Mart outlets at Caltex stations on the KESAS Highway and in Bandar Utama as well as at the Salak Tinggi station on the KLIA Transit line. 

The launch – in line with the upcoming festive season ‘balik kampung’ exodus, is highlighting Minit Mart’s convenience in offering quick purchases via automated cashless transactions round the clock. Travellers will be able to avoid packed R&R stops and long queues at cashier counters during peak travel periods when they want to buy refreshments, helping them save time and providing reassurance to those who wish to avoid crowds, besides offering refreshments to consumers after the mart’s operational hours. In the introductory phase, the Minit Mart outlets will feature a range of food and drink products and other handy supplies for travellers, from brands such as Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Wonda Coffee, 7 Days, and many more.

“In view of the reopening of borders and the upcoming Hari Raya Aidilfitri festive season, when we will surely see a surge in road users and travellers, we decided to introduce Minit Mart at these Caltex stations and the KLIA Transit station to give Malaysians a hands-on experience of how Minit Mart can improve their quick shopping experience when they are travelling. We believe this can generate word of mouth exposure for Minit Mart and improve acceptance for this automated retail concept, which in turn helps generate interest among businesses to adopt Minit Mart as a sales channel,” said Amy Gan, Head of Marketing & Ancillary Business, ATLAS Vending. 

Bringing Minit Mart to more Malaysians

Following the launch of the Minit Mart concept, ATLAS Vending is seeking to expand the stores to more locations with high foot traffic round the clock, such as commercial and office complexes, hospitals and 24-hour clinics, residences, malls, education institutions as well as other transportation hubs. By 2023, the company targets to set up Minit Mart facilities at 50 locations across Malaysia. 

In accordance with ATLAS Vending’s commitment to improving sustainability, all Minit Mart structures will be made from fully-recyclable steel, polycarbonate and alucubond, and be fitted with energy-saving features, whereby 40% of energy used for cooling is reduced by cutting off the use of the compressor and maintaining cooling through the insulation system during off-peak hours, and reducing 50% of energy used for lighting by switching off the light box from 7am to 7pm daily using a timer. Meanwhile, all paper cups used in Minit Mart outlets are made of responsibly-sourced FSC-certified paper.

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