Thailand takes the #1 Spot Globally as Most Searched Destination Since Reopening Borders

According to search data from Agoda, Thailand tops global charts as the number one most searched destination for travel in the next six months. Since last year, the country has seen a steady increase in international visitor traffic, with Agoda search data reflecting a 500% spike in interest in the first quarter of the new year to date.  

Japan (#1), United States (#2) and Singapore (#3) are the markets most keen to head back to Thailand following the local government’s efforts to revitalise international tourism with initiatives such as Thailand Pass and the Sandbox programme. European markets follow closely behind with United Kingdom (#4), France (#5) and Switzerland (#6), while other departure cities in South Korea (#7), Maldives (#8), Philippines (#9) and Indonesia (#10), round up the top ten.

To aid with this anticipated influx of travellers, Agoda has collaborated with Finema, the technology company responsible for the development of Thailand Pass on behalf of the Department of Consular Affairs (under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs), in a joint effort with the Department of Disease Control (under the Ministry of Public Health), Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), and the Digital Government Development Agency (DGA). This collaboration aims to help automate booking data uploads and speed up the Thailand Pass application process and reduce room for error or delays.

“While the government has made great efforts to help streamline the booking experience for travellers gearing to get back out there, with Test & Go, Sandbox and Thailand Pass, it can be daunting and time consuming for international travellers to keep track of these requirements, and the processes needed. That’s why Agoda has worked on integrating its booking data seamlessly to the Thailand Pass platform in order to help travellers upload booking details automatically, reducing the room for human error,” said Damien Pfirsch, Chief Commercial Officer of Agoda.

Agoda is offered as a check box option on the Thailand Pass application page. Once a user enters their booking ID, the system immediately pulls all data needed and will autofill the application form. Customers will receive instant booking validation and clear instructions on next steps – helping to speed up the review process.

“At Agoda, we want to make the customer travel experience as hassle-free as possible. We understand that the new world of travel is going to come with its fair share of challenges and want to help make it easier with our tech expertise. With this partnership, and many others we are working on in the region, we hope to help our customers through their pre-departure journeys,” added Pfirsch.

Travellers from all corners of the world are more excited than ever before to unwind at all-time favourite beach destinations like Phuket, Koh Samui, Pattaya, Krabi; explore northern hill tribes and heavenly hikes in Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Pai; or simply dig into great street food and the endless shopping experience that the much-loved capital of Bangkok has to offer.

Agoda Top 10 inbound searches 2022 (Mar 1 – 30 Sep)

  1. Japan
  2. United States
  3. Singapore
  4. United Kingdom
  5. France
  6. Switzerland
  7. South Korea
  8. Maldives
  9. Philippines
  10. Indonesia

Top 10 nationalities that travelled to TH since reopening (2021)

  1. USA
  2. Germany
  3. UK
  4. Russia
  5. France
  6. Sweden
  7. Israel
  8. South Korea
  9. Australia
  10. Switzerland

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