Corn Grain Blueprint To Hack Poultry Price Instability

The Government through various Ministries, including the Agriculture, Domestic Trade, Finance, Entrepreneur, Human Resources and various relevant agencies met up to discuss the issue of rising costs of chicken production and eggs

Among the topics discussed were ways to move forward in addressing the problem and how to ensure food security is maintained in the country. Staples such as chicken and eggs have seen prices soaring of late due to feed imports such as corn which has ballooned in costs since the Ukraine- Russia conflict.

According to the Ministries, the two main commodities that involve chicken feed is corn grain and soybeans meal, both these items have seen their price increase by 13% and 11% respectively since January.

To this effect, the government through MAFI is actively implementing subsidies to broiler breeders and egg farms. A total of RM528.52 million is provided for the purpose of this subsidy to mitigate farmers’ burden as feed covers 70% of production costs.

Based on the registration records of breeders throughout the country, it is estimated that there are 2,255 farmers who will enjoy this subsidy including private farmers, integrator or semi-integrator breeders, and also contract breeders.

As a long-term intervention and to reduce dependence on food imports, the Government has introduced the 30% Reduction of Feed Imports Dependancy initiative with plans for a national level grain program under the Corn Grain Development Blueprint.

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