Indomptables de CARTIER

The Cartier menagerie plays with a new jewellery and watchmaking collection that spurs unexpected encounters between animals.

Essentially, the concept is tête-à-tête-inspired jewellery. Bracelets, necklaces and watches that contrast two animals from Cartier’s fauna. While their heads stay true to the image we have of them, their bodies are transformed: the scales of the crocodile adorn the zebra, which passes on its stripes to the panther. Meanwhile, the giraffe and tiger exchange their fur… there is a playful and creative carnival which pushes the imposed boundaries of figuration.

With its Indomptables collection, Cartier dares to create jewellery hybrids through strong, graphic pieces: bracelets, watches and sculptural torques featuring powerful volumes. From the ears to the jaw, eyes and nose, the aesthetic tension lies in the scale of the design, which is clean and precise. Produced by Cartier’s jewellery and watchmaking creative studios, this extravagant collection is characterised by its ultra-realistic design that emphasises the depth of every detail. It features ten spectacular pieces, all bearing the naturalist hallmark of the Maison.

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